Programs and Camps

Atlanta Concorde Fire Football Club welcomes boys and girls from age U6 through U19 in recreational and select divisions. The following soccer programs are offered at Concorde Fire:

  • Sprouts
    The Concorde Fire Sprouts program is an exceptional introductory co-ed soccer program for players ages 4 through 7 as of August 1, 2003.

  • Boys & Girls Recreational Soccer
    Concorde Fire’s Recreational program provides quality instruction, fun and challenge for players ages 8 through 13 as of August 1, 2003. Outstanding professional coaching is provided to help each player develop his or her skills. There are no tryouts for recreational teams. Teams are filled on first-come, first-served basis.

  • Academy Soccer
    New to Concorde Soccer Association in 2002-03 is GYSA’s Academy Soccer program for boys and girls in the U10 and U11 age group. Focusing on training and development of a wide range of soccer skills, the Academy is an excellent introduction to Select or Athena play.

  • Select and Athena Soccer
    The Concorde Fire Select and Athena Soccer programs are open to players in the U11 through U19 age groups. The Athena league is open to female players only. Players compete for team positions at tryouts held in late May or early June each year. Committed players who wish to play at their highest level of competition will appreciate the guidance of Concorde’s professional coaching and training staff.

  • Super Y League
    In 1999, United Soccer Leagues (USL) introduced a program to help solve the dilemma of identifying America’s top young players. The Super Y-League (SYL), is helping US Soccer find the top youth players who are best bets to play on the professional level and, possibly, become members of the U.S. National Team.

  • Concorde Fire Soccer Camps
    Players have an opportunity to work on their skills at their own level while having a great time with their friends and teammates. A great preparation for the future, and lots of fun, too

Age Groups

Following the rules of Georgia Youth Soccer Association, age groups are based on the player’s age as of August 1 of this year. The chart below displays the age groupings for the 2018/2019 season:


Age GroupBirth Dates Between (and including) 
U6 SproutsAugust 1,  2012andJuly 31,2013
U8 SproutsAugust 1, 2010andJuly 31, 2012
U10August 1, 2008andJuly 31, 2010
U12August 1, 2006andJuly 31, 2008
U14August 1, 2004andJuly 31, 2006


Age GroupBirth Dates Between (and including) 
U10 AcademyAugust 1, 2008andJuly 31, 2010
U11August 1, 2007andJuly 31, 2008
U12August 1, 2006andJuly 31, 2007
U13August 1, 2005andJuly 31, 2006
U14August 1, 2004andJuly 31, 2005
U15August 1, 2003andJuly 31, 2004
U16August 1, 2002andJuly 31, 2003
U17August 1, 2001andJuly 31, 2002
U18August 1, 2000andJuly 31, 2001
U19August 1, 1999andJuly 31, 2000

Occasionally a player with strong abilities and experience may be placed in an older age group. However, a player cannot play in a younger age group.

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